Influencer Marketing

Create real connections with your audience

Marketing through influencers is statistically among the fastest channels to build a brand and drive conversion through since 2018. The trend is upwards and everything shows that it will continue to be so in the coming years.

How we work


Find and validate

With the help of market-leading tools, we help you filter out the right type of influencers for you, mainly by looking at influencers’ followers, to ensure that the followers fit your target group.


Validate their true potential

Few ambassadors or large volumes of micro influencers?
Once we have chosen the path, we use tools to make sure their followers match your target audience, exclude ghost followers and look at different engagement KPIs.


Manage your ambassadors

we then help you handle everything from contact, agreements, frameworks for collaborations, conversion goals and campaign design.

During collaborations, you need to ensure that the influencers you collaborate with follow agreed guidelines, perform their work, show conversion and simply follow their part of the agreement.



When collaborations and campaigns are drawn to an end, you get help with everything from analysis and follow-up, to ensuring that the influencers are satisfied with the collaboration and receive the right compensation based on how the collaboration was designed.

Interested and want to discuss influencer marketing with us?

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