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Gion is growing at a fast pace, currently at 10+ creatives, developers and managers from around the world. Together we conjure exciting ideas and turn them into campaigns, websites, apps and social media campaigns.

Remote life

Our borderless team of top-tier creatives spans the globe across all 24 time zones, always delivering exceptional work. We’re growing and evolving together, free from geographical constraints, to become the best in the world.

Remote first

We simplify

Simplified workflows are essential for sustained creativity. We’re building a seamless platform for creatives to simplify collaboration in a world of scattered files and multi-authored emails. Our safe haven for great ideas makes it effortless for every team member to contribute their best work and bring their most innovative ideas to life.

Unbeatably fast

Our philosophy is that quick turnarounds can enhance creative productivity. As communication and specialized tools continue to streamline the process between initial instructions and final product, our artists are also granted greater insight and freedom to push their work to new heights and exceed expectations.

Gion Tech

Unbounded creativity

Our belief is that creativity holds the key to crafting the most exceptional brands that leave a lasting impression. However, we understand that creativity can sometimes be held back by constraints, which is why we strive to provide the necessary support to unleash its full potential.



Linnégatan 87C, 5th floor
115 23 Stockholm


C. Miguel Ángel Catalán 
29603 Marbella


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+46 825 66 02


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What are performance bonuses?

It means that you get additional bonuses for delivering above expected results. All roles have performance bonuses.

Does that mean that the base salary is low?
No – bonuses have nothing to do with our competitive base salaries. It’s basically paying you for delivering results that are above standard, which makes sense if you think about it.

What tech gear do you use?

You get the latest iPhone and Macbook when you work at Gion, and if you prefer Android you will get the equivalent Samsung phone and Dell laptop.

Do you work long hours?

Since we promote working in a schedule that fits you, there is no standard 9-5 workday here. We are performers who deliver results, how you do it is up to you.

What happens when I apply for a job?

When you have applied for a vacancy, you will receive a confirmation via email that your application has been received by us. Prior to filling our vacancies, we usually use a personality test that is adapted to the position. We use tests as a complement to other tools in the recruitment process. In some recruitment processes, a test invitation is sent to your email address immediately after you have applied for a vacancy, in other recruitment processes, a personality test may be required later in the process. Keep an eye on your mailbox! Usually the selection work begins during the application period and after the last application day has passed, we start calling candidates for an interview. We will return with a message via email or telephone about how the recruitment process has gone.

How are tests used at Gion and for what purpose?

Sometimes we use tests as a complement to other tools in connection with recruitment (interviews, reference taking, etc.). The tests used by Gion provide a picture of how you act in working life and we only use quality-assured tests that are research-based and reliable. For Gion, it is important to protect the test subject’s integrity. Therefore, the test results are always handled confidentially and all test users at Stadium who handle the test results are certified users of the tool.

How long is my test result saved and why is it saved?

Your test result is saved in our database with the test suppliers for up to 12 months after completion of the test. The purpose of this is that you will not have to repeat the test if you apply for more services with us within this period. If you do not want to keep your test result in our database with the test suppliers after the current recruitment process, email us at

Choose your language

Gion is available globally with a variable offering,
choose the language that suits you best.

Choose your language

Gion is available globally with a variable offering, choose the language that suits you best.